Brian Achten

Brian Achten

Director of Technology

Brian brings two decades of Data Center Design, Build and Operations experience. He has built and operated successful Internet Data Centers with uptime far exceeding industry standards. Under his leadership at both and Core NAP, he not only designed the Data Centers, but also built them and the teams to support them. His attention to detail and seeing a data center as a system responsible for revenue generation guides his approach in design. His understanding of operating and maintaining these systems thru their lifespan provides him with a unique set of client focused concerns in all design aspects of a project. Under his Leadership at NOVA Mission Critical he led the Design and Construction of 75k sq.ft. Hardened Transmission Operations Center with a 20k sq.ft. MIL-STD-188 EMP shielded Tier 3+ datacenter as well as participating on Pre-construction and Design on other EMP/HEMP shielded projects.

Brian also holds a CDCDP certification since 2010 and serves as the Data Center Committee Chairman for the Open-IX Association.

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