Proprietary Hybrid Construction Process

Omni-Threat Structures, constructs shielding concrete/shotcrete structures for multi-threat protection from High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse (HEMP), Intentional Electromagnetic Interference (IEMI), compromising emanations, terrorist ballistic/blast attacks and extreme natural disasters.

Unique to OTS is our proprietary hybrid construction process of shotcrete panels and tilt wall erection sequencing.

Protect from devastating EMP, HEMP, and IEMI Electromagnetic Pulse Effects with the following OTS Advantages:

  • Concrete / shotcrete, steel-reinforced buildings

  • Configurable & scalable

  • Electromagnetic shielding options

  • Energy efficient insulated construction

  • Building & doors designed for impact loads in excess of 9 million pounds

  • Increased longevity and decreased maintenance

  • Better fault tolerance

  • Ease of interior installation

Substantially shorter construction interval: Hardened building + shielding in <10 months from foundation to dried in.

  • No special attachments required for mechanical, electrical, plumbing and finish work inside of shielded space.

  • No waiting for building to be completed prior to starting on a welded shielding system.

  • No waiting for shielding system to be installed prior to installation of MEP and finishes.

  • Reduced testing cycles due to shielding envelope being completed prior to MEP installation.

OTS completed the world’s first building code compliant electromagnetic shielding shotcrete structure at its Engineering & Operations Center in Lakeland, Florida. The building exceeds shielding requirements of MIL STD 188-125.

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