Diversity, Equity, & Inclusion

Our Commitment

At OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES, diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE+I) are at the heart of our purpose and success. We are committed to fostering inclusion and ensuring a sense of belonging to all who share our path – most importantly our team members, who make up our collective voice. Only when every story can be heard and celebrated can we achieve our true purpose together. Investing in DE+I efforts is not only the right thing to do, but it also directly correlates to our core values, Treat others as you want to be treated and Stewardship. We build data centers for clients as if we were building them for ourselves.


In April 2021, OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES announced the implementation of our formal DE+I strategy, which was developed with input from key internal stakeholders and expert research. Organized around four key Imperatives, the strategy is actionable and measurable. The tactics to achieve the goals set forth in the plan vary between immediate action and long-term efforts.

We will review annually our accomplishments, success metrics, and observations on effectiveness, shifting and expanding the objectives and goals as we make progress. This strategy is more than a plan – it's a mindset. 

Cultivate Community

Create opportunities for meaningful conversation and involvement

OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES believes that creating a sense of community is essential to the individual and collective employee experience and ensures a thriving and engaging team member base.

  • Establish and foster Employee Advisory Groups (EAGs). EAGs are founded and led by team members who have a passion for cultivating a community based on shared beliefs, experiences, backgrounds, or needs.
  • Launch a formal mentorship program to cultivate relationships that will advance the careers of our diverse team members. Mentoring is proven to be one of the most impactful tools in advancing individual career development and creating inclusive cultures.

Listen Intently

Encourage curiosity, empathy, and openness to different perspectives

Our team members want to influence and impact OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES’s policies, culture, and actions to make the company more equitable and inclusive. We will establish listening channels and communication tools to give every individual a voice and the ability to influence at OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES.

  • Use OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES's Annual Employee Engagement Survey to gather feedback and input on key areas of DE+I.
  • Establish methods to give EAGs a voice to influence at the corporate level. EAGs will have access to executive leadership to offer critical input to shape the company's approach and influence our strategy. 
  • Identify and utilize listening tools and channels to elevate the discourse on DE+I topics, such as our internal knowledge resource center.

Challenge Mindsets

Take responsibility for personal and professional growth

We recognize that our team members may be at different places on their journey to an inclusive mindset. OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES has a responsibility to help our team members grow and learn. Challenging mindsets means exposing our team members to ideas, perspectives, knowledge, and training on key issues of DE+I.

  • Develop a formal Diversity Training Track in OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES University. In 2021, we launched our company-wide "You Belong Here" training on basic DE+I concepts, as well as an inclusive jobsites training aid. These tools were only the first steps in building a robust suite of DE+I learning tools that will continue to be developed.   
  • Create an internal DE+I Knowledge Center to provide team members a curated selection of resources for self-guided learning and exploration.
  • Bring DE+I to the forefront of executive leadership conversations to ensure focus and shared expectations on creating a more equitable workplace and achieving the objectives of the plan. Leaders are encouraged to infuse diversity moments, much like safety moments, into daily work life. Leadership meetings and conferences will include DE+I programming and discussion. 

Increase Representation

Strengthen our organization through diversit

Critical to creating a more inclusive culture is having a diverse workforce. We seek to increase the diversity of our team and representation of minority groups through recruitment, retention, and advancement.

  • Perform a compensation study of Operations and Site Operations team member populations to ensure fair and equitable pay across gender and race.
  • Make intentional changes to OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES’s recruiting and hiring practices to increase the diversity of hires.  
  • Require team members in EEO-protected classes to be given the opportunity to address performance concerns through a formal Performance Improvement Plan (PIP) prior to termination.
  • Increase representation of women in construction (Operations and Site Operations) roles.
  • Increase BIPOC (Black, Indigenous, and people of color) representation at OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES, especially in construction roles program.
  • Increase subcontractor / supplier diversity to ensure representation of minority- and women-owned businesses. All OMNI-THREAT STRUCTURES, business units will establish teaming relationships with underrepresented firms by 2022, offering opportunity and advancement to minority- and women-owned small businesses.
Only when every perspective can be heard and celebrated will we achieve our true purpose.

You Belong Here

The Omni-Threat Structures mission is To use our unique ability and diverse array of services and talent to transcend industry boundaries and foster a unified project environment. This ability translates into a properly planned project that is executed efficiently and safely with real cost and schedule savings.

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