Omni-Threat Structures (OTS) has successfully developed a proprietary EM shielded construction process allowing precast and tilt, wall panels, and cast in place erection for multi-threat hardened structures offering protection from:

  • HEMP – High Altitude Electromagnetic Pulse
  • IEMI – Intentional Electromagnetic Interference
  • Emanations Eavesdropping (TEMPEST)
  • Ballistic – Blast
  • Event Driven Missiles
  • Seismic
  • Extreme Weather

Protection from Electromagnetic threats can now be incorporated with the proprietary/patented materials and construction methods derived from five years of a joint R&D program with OTS construction engineers/experienced experts and a Sponsored Research Agreement with the former University of Nebraska DTRA-STRATCOM R&D team.

The OTS Electromagnetic Shielding System (EMSS) is designed to provide threat configurable, scalable, energy efficient and cost-effective hardened structures for critical infrastructure and other vulnerable industries.


OTS’ Electromagnetic Shielding System (EMSS) is comprised of patented materials and proprietary construction methods. EMSS is constructed utilizing our electromagnetic shielding concrete in a hybrid tilt-up and cast in place system. The result is a structure capable of providing a multi-threat EMP hardened space.

OTS’ proprietary techniques integrate tilt-up panels with engineered spaces, which are later filled in with our patented shielded concrete and integrated shielding grid system that allows for both electromagnetic and structural envelope continuity around all 6 surfaces of the structure. Specific design consideration also provides capability for fixed connections at the top and bottom of the panels where the slab and roof deck diaphragms are seamlessly tied back into the panels.

This proprietary OTS system provides the capability for uninterrupted moment connections at the floor and roof, unlike conventional tilt-up construction. The OTS system affords our customers the best of both worlds, where the speed of construction and nearly maintenance free lifecycle benefits of tilt-up are combined with the robust and resilient structural properties of cast-in-place concrete.

Based on client specifications, the wall panels can be sized and reinforced to withstand virtually any conceivable kinetic threat. Additionally, the shielding elements have placement flexibility within the panel to accommodate utilization of conventional or specialty mechanical, electrical, plumbing, and fire protection attachment requirements.

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